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Do you have a vivid memory of your language lessons from school? Now, in your professional environment, you suffer from not being able to communicate the way you want in Dutch or in English… and you extremely regret not learning ‘better’ at the time. Today, you can not escape anymore from your language difficulty in order to progress your activities and you feel a little bit lost and alone with this discomfort, perhaps you have this fear inside…

In 2001, I established TRADANIM, I was persuaded that learning a language should not be a stressful or suffering experience… A language, it’s an excellent way of dynamic and vibrant expression. It’s an amazing connection with the world around us,… A language, is an opportunity. Therefore, great news! We can help you!

Languages? An obstacle that transforms us and gives us the acceleration we need thanks to a dynamic, personalised and focused approach.

We have developed a unique concept: We will help you to speak English or Dutch in what you precisely need! A language support that is dynamic, personalised and focused!

Need a language support? Choose TRADOFFICE…

Language supports

“TRADOFFICE, Everything is possible”

From the word go, we offer a free diagnosis session where we are going to listen to you, understand your starting point and establish where you want to be at the end of the training course. We will establish a perfect solution focused on your needs and adapted to your situation.

The contents of our supports are built around your specific needs. For some, this could mean one-off missions, for others, something more consistent in the long term… The missions can be varied: we can prepare you for: your next public speaking appearance for a presentation of your new product/service, writing emails, your sales process or understanding your clients’ needs…

Grammar, spelling… are only addressed it is felt useful… Obviously they are integrated in the courses easily and in long term.

One thing is certain, all the contents are based on your reality…


How are we going to help you? 


For you, VIPs and public figures

You are dreading a public speaking appearance or an interview because this time it is in English and/or Dutch? We will accompany you with complete discretion, rapidity and efficiency in order for you to take charge of your challenge in complete serenity.

For you, Politicians

You need Dutch or English to convey your ideas with impact and establish your reputation? We will support you with personalised sessions so that your results are at the level of your expectations.

For you, CEOs

Your company is evolving internationally, your clients/providers speak English or Dutch and you feel limited in your communication? We propose individual sessions in order to enhance the excellence of your expertise.

For your company’s specialists

Your specialists should be able to express themselves in a fluid, precise and efficient manner to bring awaited results? We will help you boost their performance in English/Dutch thanks to individual lessons completely adapted to the technicality of their professional situation.

For your teams

Are you looking for effective solutions to boost the level of English/ Dutch of your staff? And at the same time, these groups sessions would encourage the ambiance, interaction and results within the company? Transform your dreams into reality through efficient and motivating lessons!

For vocational, self-employed and entrepreneurs

Being self-employed, you put all your energy into you projects and you deserve to reach your objectives. If languages are an obstacle for you, let us help you… in order to highlight all your expertise.


“We have tried it and I can only give my approval. Lessons that are made to measure and are of quality! Thank you TRADOFFICE for helping us in our continuous language learning process”

– Caroline HUET, CEO at Connect People & Atelier Informatique

All our language training courses for businesses are signed “TRADOFFICE” : a quality TRADANIM guaranteed.

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Our mission is to bring you towards your objective as quickly as possible, in a way that is enjoyable and efficient! Your learning potential is limitless! Trust us, it’s our speciality to show you the way.


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