Enthusiastic teachers and instructors?
Motivated students that are happy to learn ? It’s possible !

Long live playful learning ! 🙂

Our mission

The World needs passionate and engaging teachers.

Our energizing mission is to motivate instructors/ teachers to pass on their knowledge with passion. This motivation is passed on to their students and makes learning more efficient and fun !

Our fun approach

Our teaching method revolves around our lessons being fun, tangible and dynamic. We experiment with different tools and skills. We find the confidence in oneself that strengthens and evolves in the long-term.

Inspire, encourage, enhance with goodwill, excellence and humanity !

“This training course allowed me to have another view on teaching and the methods used allowed us to learn a lot quicker. Very enriching !”

-Sarah, a future teacher.

Our specific training courses

To develop creativity, adaptability, passion, joy and enthusiasm !

Specific modules

3hour module

Detailed lessons and tools to enrich your practice. “A positive teaching method”,“The solution for successful training course”,“ Learning with the assistance of games”…

Boost your creativity

3hour module
A continued support to innovate, retain, evolve in good practice and boost self-confidence.

Additional teaching programs

3hour module
Specifically themed training courses to acquire additional skills: First aid courses for teachers, ukulele lessons for teachers, new teaching methods…

Individual coaching

90minute module

A personalised, additional support in the workplace to highlight specific points to improve on and find immediate solutions.

Option BOOST

22hours minimum

A complete option for your teams :

Coaching and individual support on site, a training course that is collective and can be based on specific modules, after- training support and coaching in the work place. Specific and complete.

Option BOOST+

42hour minimum
This includes Option BOOST with 8 supplementary modules “ To boost your creativity” spanning over several months to guarantee complete monitoring after the training course. Specific, Complete and in the long term.

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All our teacher and instructor training courses are organised by our Branch VEVEDEA.

“What precious skills that are shared, tested and validated on site ! A little help or a boost that brings real results in practice. Thank you”

– Emilie, Teacher.

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