Specialising in playful learning
Is learning just as simple as a child’s play ?

Playful learning, a solution for all who want to improve their skills and motivation… Faster more efficient, enjoyable… so why hold back ?

So what exactly is playful learning ?

Here is our definition :

Playful learning is an ENJOYABLE, EFFECTIVE, STIMULATIVE, HAPPY and POSITIVE way to learn or teach a new subject, a new expertise, a language, a specific technique/skill or anything at all. 🙂


We place ourselves in the shoes of those who ‘deliver the knowledge’ and those who ‘teach others’ (e.g. Teachers, Instructors, Parents…) rather than those who ‘receive the knowledge’ and those who ‘learn from others’ (students, learners, children…)

TRADANIM specialises in playful learning! We love it! We enjoy using it with all who learn with us and we love training those who wish to use it as one of their specific techniques. In brief, we want everyone to make the most of it!




Why playful learning?

Yes that’s a good question! By the way why?
Oh of course… always for this matter of “making sense” ;-)…

Simply because it is practical, it’s what works and provides the most results and the most fun on site! To the great pleasure of all.

Today, neuroscientists have proven that this way of learning is without a doubt one of the most obvious ways that our brains obtain a maximum amount of results in the shortest amount of time.

TRADANIM lives this daily!

Did we have to wait so long for science to prove the efficiency of playful learning to be convinced?

No, just look at nature, it is exactly what was planned since the dawn of time!

All animals learn by playing! Nature itself “invented” the concept, not us!

Young bears learn to develop their muscles and dose out their strength by playing amongst themselves. Foals and lambs reinforce their bone structure and muscles by playing around their mother. Baby predators practise and refine their agility and skills by catching small, easy prey.

A lioness does not make her cubs sit down and hold a conference on hunting tactics. No bird asks its nestlings to have a lesson on meteorology, … Naturally, certain things are not taught in an ex cathedra way, in pain and crying and without context.

Learning exists and it naturally exists in joy and good humour!

Since the beginning TRADANIM made the choice to dedicate all its’ activities to playful learning, whether it be languages or whatever subject you want to deliver.

Playful learning, how ?

Do you want the good news or the bad news? Which one shall we start with?

Let’s start with the good news! Everybody can use and benefit from playful learning! Even if according to us, it’s all about an art :-), it’s a natural art that we all possess because we have all already experimented with it in our paths. Therefore we really know what energises us, what motivates us, what helps us and what we like… We are all capable of finding it, creating solutions for it and then presenting it. Every single one of us!

Now for the bad news! Do not go about it any old how. If we want to recreate the natural process of playful learning, in the heart of our classes, we have to respect certain steps and key elements. It’s a little bit like a recipe, each ingredient has an important role and it’s even better when they are added in the correct order. 🙂

TRADANIM is an expert in playful learning. We help all our learners to learn in this way and we train instructors and teachers on how to use these teaching techniques..

Playful learning, for whom ?

For you and you and you and you and you… and of course you!

It’s for everybody! Whatever your age, nature has it all planned out.

If we are interested in a subject and the learning process is made fun, in other words stimulating and enjoyable, it is evident that we are going to learn a lot quicker and a lot more effectively than if we are bored, if the subject doesn’t make sense to us and if we are afraid of doing it wrong.

Playful learning is an asset for everybody. Deep down, in a learning situation, we all prefer not to bored but to enjoy ourselves… and if the pleasure to learn allows yourself to work effectively, would you want to deny yourself of this asset?


TRADANIM implements this daily for example with children ( by using playful learning of languages: in nurseries, in schools– during school hours and after school, camps…) in the business world (using fun language learning for the specific needs of VIPs, CEOs, businesses, admin groups, scientists, technicians, self-employed…) and for instructors and teachers ( by helping them enrich their experience via training courses or accompany them in their respective subjects.

“Que d’outils précieux partagés, testés et validés ensuite sur le terrain ! Un coup de pouce ou coup de boost qui amène à de vrais résultats concrets dans la pratique ! Merci :-)”
– Emilie, animatrice

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