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Strong values, one mission in common…

Playful learning… given by whom?

Who can apply playful learning? Absolutely everyone! As we already have it within ourselves… However it will only make sense if you are passionate about your subject… It will only be effective if you can adapt yourselves and be flexible with your audience (their reactions, their level, their needs…) and it can only really be magical if you accept to connect with your creative side, your sudden impulse, and the “child within”…

Our Tradanim staff

Who are our staff? They are passionate and real specialists in playful learning– particularly in languages – they are enthusiastic, energetic and dynamic.

TRADANIM sets its sights on a work quality that is irreproachable, at all levels. That also includes a thorough recruitment process.

For playful language learning, each staff member is characterised by their language skills and by their teaching skills. Also by their energy, their enthusiasm to pass on their knowledge but also by their personal touch!

We take great pride in the quality of expertise and social skills that our staff brings, exclusively composed of native speakers or equivalent, evidently holders of teacher training courses and rich in professional experience with young children.

Also take note that our staff members are in privileged contact with the culture of the language taught because of their origins, working or living abroad: from Ireland to Australia, Flanders to the Netherlands, Great Britain to the USA,…

At the heart of TRADANIM, the word “TEAM” takes all of its’ meaning and regularly all our teachers meet together to share, exchange their experiences and train in a permanent manner.

Our common values are equally one of the keys to our success and our energy 🙂

Tradanim are hiring

Do not hesitate to apply if you feel that this passion is within you too! We are growing every year in parallel to the numerous demands from schools, parents, businesses, teachers… So what are you waiting for ? Send us your CV as well as a motivational letter at info@tradanim.be

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