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Language learning starting from preschool

English and/or Dutch every week for all your students

Tradanim … and languages come to life !

For your students from 2.5 to 12 years old, an oral and dynamic educational method using games, songs, drama… with energy, enthusiasm and dynamism!

Do you think that such a project is difficult to put in place? Look at what our partnering schools have done… More than 9000 children in Wallonia benefit from our lessons each week!

Our teaching methods

Offer your schools fun language lessons… for everyone’s happiness!

One-off animations


One-off animations, customised to create a magical ambiance in your schools, for specific holidays or during school performances. During the event we take charge of creating and carrying out this animation (minimum 2 hours): Christmas story, Halloween Party, Minidisco…


Also brighten up your teacher training days by proposing to children and parents something different. We create “animated teacher training days” which we put in place in your schools. These are under the form of a whole day of animations in English and/or Dutch.

Animations during school time


A weekly or biweekly contract : each class meets with their language teacher every week. A real continuity of learning during the school year and during their school life from nursery school to year 4 (primary school). Themes and realms adapted for each age group in good humour and well-being for each child. TRADANIM takes care of everything and allows head teachers to offload all administrative aspects.

A real language experience that is of considerable benefit to all levels. 🙂

Support for your language project


Are you looking for help to energise your language project? Do you want to offer your teams new, fun skills or a supplementary training course in fun language learning?

This is where we come in, with the passion to share our expertise with your teams and to help you obtain eagerly-awaited results: consultations, training, coaching, personal monitoring, …

Also discover our tab “For Instructors and Teachers” where you will find supports, under all sorts of forms for all subjects, that are uplifting and friendly.

“Before, our school did not have a language programme before Year 5 (primary school) and we were clearly behind our time… Since TRADANIM arrived in our school, parents are pleased with our response and are delighted to hear each week their children’s progress!”

-A happy Headteacher

Let’s meet

You are wondering if this type of project will bring real results? Schedule a meeting and come see for yourselves. You will see with your own eyes the motivation and evolution of our students.

TRADANIM is strongly requested by schools and we are happy with that. However we cannot answer all requests, we select our partnering schools with a quality approach that starts here…

100% of head teachers that work with us would recommend TRADANIM and would wish to continue the collaboration.


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“Before, students did not like to have Dutch lessons… Since TRADANIM arrived in our school, they are very pleased with this moment and they cannot wait for it every week”

-A happy mayor

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