Specialising in playful learning, particularly in language learning

Learning whilst having fun? Yes, it’s possible !

For your schools


Headteachers, Aldermen for education, Mayors, Members of an Education Authority or PTA (Parent – Teacher Association)

You would like : skilled and motivated students ? Effective and fun language learning ?

Help for your teaching staff ?

We look forward to meeting you ! 


For your children


Parents, you long for your children to have fun whilst learning languages (English and/or Dutch).

Language camps starting from 2.5 years old, after school, during their school hours or even in their nursery.

Our enthusiastic, energetic and dynamic team are there to motivate them and help them progress.

Looking forward to welcoming you !

For instructors and teachers


For those who share their knowledge. You would like to learn how to use playful learning to enrich your practices and to teach your subjects in a way that is fun and easier for you?

With good nature we can guide you. Your capacities are endless !

For businesses


Did you know that an enhanced level of Dutch or English would allow you to create new professional challenges ?

Have you ever imagined a linguistic support rather than classic language courses?

We will guide you to find a solution for your specific needs, in a way that is serious but fun !



Tradanim specialises in playful learning and our different activities are found under the following names :

A unique approach

Every day our values motivate us to offer you the best !


Enthusiasm, it’s what shines in our eyes… Enthusiasm allows everybody to learn and teach with JOY… Enthusiasm leads to everything…


Because we want results, quality, total satisfaction and successful learning, we aim for the best performance possible.

Solution Orientated

By being solution orientated, we find a solution to everything. This state of mind allows oneself to progress, in good humour and with a positive mindset 🙂 We love that !


We are all here to evolve, grow, progress and improve ourselves without stopping… We are also here to inspire everybody to evolve.

“Playful learning” by Tradanim

Book available soon : “Learning whilst having fun- The TRADANIM method or the 10 steps for Playful Learning”

Games are a part of learning. It’s what Mother Nature intended since the dawn of time. It is a part of our development and a part of oneself. What have we done about it today ? Are we still connected to this natural impulsion ?

How can we help learners who are put off or disappointed teachers ?

Is it not time that we should reconnect ourselves with this PLEASURE to learn and to teach what we all have within ourselves ?

Are you familiar with playful learning ? We all have a lot to gain ! So why not use this handy and essential tool when we want to teach at school, with our children and even in our businesses ? Immersed in a positive and stimulant atmosphere, we can all share and learn everything a lot more easily !

The world needs inspired and inspiring teachers ! The world needs learners who are motivated, interested and creative.

Tradanim specialises in playful learning. Especially in languages for children in schools but also for those who work in businesses… Tradanim equally shares its passion of playful learning with teachers and instructors regardless of the subject…

The objective of this book is to inspire and help those to find or work on their ENTHUSIASM for learning.

“What precious skills that are shared, tested and validated on site ! A little help or a boost that brings real results in practice. Thank you” – Emilie, Teacher

For your schools

Pour vos enfants

Pour les formateurs et enseignants

Pour les professionnels

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